The first book published by Grlica was a small book for young readers – Knjižničarjeva velika ljubezen (Le grand amour du bibliothécaire). Since then we have been devoted to children and teenagers. Up until now, we have published more than 500 books and many wonderful little jewels have been successful and awarded.

Our programme is carefully and thoughtfully outlined where selective readers can choose noteworthy books that have won prizes, whereas general audience of young readers can find popular quality bestsellers.

We take great pride in our Na robu series with more than 30 titles since 2001. Except for the latest edition, they have been all sold out or there are only a few left in stock. When listing our series we must mention Dnevnik nabritega mulca (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), whose phenomenon is best described by: “The kids that don’t read – they read Wimpy Kid”. We pride ourselves on the fact that the Slovene children read the latest book at the same time as their English speaking peers, as both editions are always published on the same day. In 2018 we gladdened our readers by introducing two new wonderful and successful series: Šola magičnih živali (Die Schule der magischen Tiere), a series for children that can read by themselves, and another series for young scientists that cannot resist a book titled Frank Einstein. Jeff Kenney, the author of Wimpy Kid has put down: “I never thought science could be funny . . . until I read Frank Einstein.’ Both series have been reprinted because the first editions had run out in six months.

Of course, these are just the highlighted titles. Our catalogue offers plenty of excellent and successful books and we kindly invite you to browse through our web site.