The first handbooks were published by Meander and some of the most successful have been Zlata knjiga – Čokolada, Koktajli in Slaščice (The Golden Book – Chocolate, Cocktails, Pâtisserie) and Navodila za uporabo – Dojenček, Malček, Ženin in Seks (The Owner’s Manual – Baby, Toddler, Groom and Sex). But soon we felt the need for a specialized imprint, where we could publish non-fiction in the category of home and family.

Our first bestseller was Rudolph kuha (Rudolph kookt), followed by the same amount of interest for both, Knjiga o vzgoji odličnih fantov and Knjiga o vzgoji odličnih deklic (Growing Great Boys and Growing Great Girls) that call for the third reprint. There are two more publications of which we can proudly say that have been sold out – Shranjeno bogastvo našega vrta, recipes on preserving foods and Domači namazi, homemade spreads. Our greatest project so far has been Hrana kot zdravilo (Food as Medicine), a book on a healthy way of eating, written by certified nutritionist Sue Radd. And finally, let us take in the scent of another bookshelf: Aromaterapija – dišeči portreti, a fundamental piece of work by Nataša Širanec that can enrich anyone who takes delight in aromatics and similar endeavours.