Asterix, Garfield, Snoopy, Smurfs, and Lucky Luke are the characters that bring a smile on every face, young or old. These and many others have found their home also in Slovenia – at Graffit, an imprint that specializes in publishing comic books.

The amazing team of carefully picked out translators and editors are doing their best so that the comic fans can enjoy the brilliant puns and witty ideas that are typical of good comics. Foreign recognition, as well as home rewards, has proven that the Slovene translations are not bereft of those important traits in our comic books.

Almost 70 albums of comics that we have published in the last 10 years prove that comics have a domicile in Slovenia, too. It is our aim to publish all the Asterixes, the very best of Garfield and Peanuts and the original versions of Smurfs by Peyo. In addition, we intend to publish other quality family comics as well.